If you are an expat who has recently moved to Guangxi China, a province that’s located above Vietnam. This region is growing rapidly in its economic and business prospects and is also well-known for its stunning rice terraces, as well as its rich history that dated back several hundreds of years. Over the past decade, many tourists have traveled to this region to explore this place. Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi and has become a popular tourist destination. Travelers from across the globe visit this region for family vacations and for business. So if you are planning a trip to this region and are wondering which are some of the best restaurants and cafes in Nanning to hang out with friends and family, then read on.

Living In Nanning & Getting Around

Getting settled and cozied up in Nanning? Fantastic! You have lots to do to make your house feel like home and your neighborhood feels like yours.

Perhaps the best way to get acquainted with the town is to get around and try different brunch spots. It’s a win-win: finding restaurants in Nanning & brunch places will sure get you warmed up to the city. Keep this up and you’ll be getting around like a local in no time! You can find many different cuisines and you will be amazed at the huge selection available. There are Thai restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Western restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, and even Indian restaurants in Nanning. The most authentic choice is to stick to mainstream Chinese food in famous restaurants and eateries.

Best Brunch Places

  • Brawns & Brains

Brawns & Brains embodies a cozy and friendly atmosphere. From the restaurant’s aesthetically pleasing and quirky architecture and interior décor to the affordable and mouthwatering menu, this place is a great spot to grab brunch alone or with a friend. What sets this spot apart is the authentic service and interactions to be had with the owners and waiters.

  • The LoKal

If you’re in the mood for exploring higher-end and more diverse demographics, check this place out. It’s close to the Goethe-Institut Singapore and its approach to cuisine and dining reflects the diverse nature of its location. Here, you can enjoy healthy eating options from the brunch menu and grab a 1 pm cocktail from their bar because…why not?

This spot gives you dining with a view! The restaurant sits overlooking the Bay and glimpses over the CBD. The luxe and warm greenery ambiance compliment the diverse collection of dishes and cuisine. Stopping here for a celebration or wind-up in the middle of the day is an excellent choice. Brunch here is prepared with special keenness to serve every palate!

  • Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

This is one of the best brunch restaurants that doesn’t play down its promise of providing a boutique experience. With a minimalist bright-white interior décor theme, it promises a hipster coffee experience. Stop by for a cup of coffee or an excellently prepared brunch meal. You can make lots of friends too. There are lots of sharing tables and you are sure to meet someone interesting and make a new friend while sharing a meal.

If you are tired of restaurants, you can also try out the street food stores in the night market for some dining adventure!